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Kiton, born in 1968, is an artisan company in Arzano, in the province of Naples, founded by Ciro Paone and Antonio Carola, which produces haute couture clothing hand made with fine fabrics, true to the rules of traditional elegance with a look the evolution of contemporary taste in the lines and materials.

The unique style of the House, including the tailoring and ready-to-wear, is a perfect mix that makes Kiton successful protagonist of Made in Italy in the world, and a symbol of refined elegance and understated, timeless.

The choice of fabrics most rare and precious, as well as the impeccable tailoring implementation of the artifacts, make the clothes Kiton limited production.

In fact, in the Neapolitan Tailoring industrial craftsman working in a modern, respecting the timing of implementation strictly gown sewn by hand, using traditional Neapolitan tailoring, inspired by the classic lines.

Great attention to detail and workmanship, it is found in the packaging of individual leaders: in fact, only two ties are obtained by a square of silk, with a system of folding in on itself taken from ancient art of the masters cravattai Neapolitan and a small rim made hand finishing line of the tie, the proposal micro pattern with geometric or funds together.

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