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Barrett is a luxury handcrafted footwear for men, founded in Parma in 1917 by the heirs of shoemakers "Tanzi and Zanlari" and "John Richardson Barrett" owner of a tannery known in the East End of London.

Traditional craftsmanship and design research, are from about a century the dominant traits of the premium brand of footwear, worn by presidents, celebrities and well-known entrepreneurs of the show.

Barrett signature classic shoes characterized by understated elegance, which ensure the maximum comfort and flawless aesthetics. From the tip brogues with a nervetto Brogue Oxford model, all the shoes are handmade with the finest materials and workmanship known as the technique Goodyear, Tubular and even the complex "Bolognese bag."

The latter technique gives the footwear an extreme softness and flexibility in the case of the shoe is initially built out of shape then be mounted and after about twenty days, apply a filler leather insole and leather sole.

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