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Egypt is recognized by Albert Fouquet is one of the most precious fragrance he created.
Albert Fouquet as far back as 1935 he kept a promise made to his friend Ahmed to go find the land that had always fascinated me.
The Egypt in his eyes due to its millennial culture of mysterious land was presented with his greatest works as the museums the Giza pyramids the temples of Luxor and Hatshepsut and was in these long tour that sought to reach those destinations that have created the history of perfume.
Always curious and attentive went in search of the most secret fragrances such as those used in jars by the ancient Egyptians who were offering to their deities for people became their Pharaohs in their passing.
The return to the villa of his friend Ahmed was even more overwhelming for Albert where in his garden was aware of flowers unknown to him was so that after many weeks in his castle in Paris gave life to Albert bouquet of one of the most mysterious perfumes of her exclusive collection that could only be called Egypt in honor to that experience.
Avanda notes, musk, lemon, cardamom, nutmeg, Patchouli, sandalwood, leather.
Spray unit Eau de Toilette 100 ml.

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