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Nike is a famous American company of footwear, apparel and sports equipment, founded in 1972 by Bill Bowerman and Philip H. Knight. The logo of the brand, which perfectly reflects the style Nike lively and colorful, it is the "swoosh", translated as an onomatopoeic sound that indicates a rapid movement, emphasizing the endless possibilities for human potential in sports.

The name Nike, not chosen at random, comes from Greek mythology and is the personification of Victory. Even the slogan "just do it" (just do it!), Emphasizes the message conveyed by the international giant, "if you have a body you are an athlete!"

Over the years as a distributor of sports shoes, Nike has become a global marketing among the first manufacturers of sportswear, especially for football, basketball, tennis and skateboarding, referring to a target cross-client, ranging from professional to novice novice.

The brand confirms its success over time with the so-called Nike-icons, status symbol among the public, the "Air Max", running shoes with air bags in sight, the "Shox", the sneakers worn by the character Tv "dr. House".

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