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Nasomatto is an Italian line of perfumes inspired by the idea of an eccentric nose, Alessandro Gualtieri , recognized for its creative freedom and for his ability to transfer his emotional feelings , even the most transgressive , in odors from strong evocative .
Not surprisingly, his experiences , his memories and his dreams have contributed to the realization of its fragrances , such as , the "Silver Musk " was inspired by the memory of when child , Alexander played with the imagination realizing the wildest dreams .
In the guise of a superhero invincible, fighting imaginary battles against imaginative enemies , armed with a shield of paper and a wooden sword , he spent hours fantasizing in a room with no boundaries , finding a complete satisfaction to the unprecedented freedom that only imagination allows to achieve.
" Silver Musk " has the smell of the imagination, as clean as the imagination of a child, silvery tinkle of mosses , free of sensual notes , gives serenity .
The memories of Alexander dwell also on the period covering the sixty-eight and his youth revolution .
Those years for him an unmistakable smell of patchouli , perfume today capable of evoking the idea of universal love together with the remembrance of the sexual revolution . Even the essence of " Hindu Grass " allows you to relive the memories of the past years , marked by the revolution youth mixed with the softness of luxury.
In addition, Alessandro Gualtieri has decided to build " Hard " , the scent of male virility , derived from a bark made from a shrub that grows in the Indonesian forest , in which it forms a moss that helps to give the whole an animal smell , wild , penetrating, a perception that stimulates the senses and stimulates the male virility .
In Arab countries, we usually burn the bark to soak in the braziers of this smell, very sexual , environments , but it is not uncommon that even his clothes before being worn are exposed to smoke so permeating smell of these olfactory notes .
The creative madness of Alexander is always looking for new notes , then returned to normal with the use of tuberose and a bouquet of fresh flowers, dystonia confirming the eccentric nature of the artist.
A flower by the intoxicating fragrance that plays in a perfect way the flaunting of female sexuality characterized by the invasion of a beauty too . This flower has allowed the emergence of a new fragrance in the range, the " Narcotic Venus " who wears the desire of the woman who likes to be noticed for her seductive femininity.
After eighteen years of work and experience at international level in the field of perfumery , Nasomatto is dedicated to those who have a strong interest to stand out in the choice of perfume .
Fragrances that evoke the labyrinthine passages between something original and essences fun and lively , m also between something that creates inspiration and something that in many ways is foolish .
The scents Nasomatto are euphoric , pleasant , refined and new compared to commercial fragrances on the market today .
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