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The history of perfumes Creed dates back to 1760 when it was founded in London by James Henry Creed , the eponymous house perfumery . La Maison soon became the favorite of the Court of England and her fragrances were appreciated for their quality , sophistication and originality in all the courts of Europe .

In 1854 , at the behest of the Empress Eugenie and under his protection and Napoleon III , Creed moved to Paris . Today, at the helm of the House , is Olivier Creed , sixth descendent of a great lineage of perfumers and exceptional nose , which, by now very rare in the world of perfumery , personally creates all of its flavors .
The meticulous research of natural ingredients and the choice to follow consistently the principles of traditional production , make the master perfumer of the time is dedicated to research and trips : the rarer species often found in the most distant .

Often it is from here, from the sensations experienced and lovingly kept in his imagination , from the places visited, the cultures encountered, the landscapes , the people found in its path that Olivier Creed , once back in his laboratory, draws inspiration for his creations.

Eau de Toilette and Vintage , which constitute a true " art gallery " of masterpieces of High Profumeria.In nearly 250 years of passionate work, family Creed has created over two hundred perfumes, all strictly and craftsmanship, with a distinct personality , which constitute the memorable and treasured heritage of this great protagonist of perfumery.

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