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The Clive Christian Perfume House was officially born in 1999, but its roots are to be found in a prestigious past and a lot more remote .

Clive Christian , which takes the name of the perfume house , is a very English designer said that since 1978 produces fine custom furniture, in its laboratories , for an international clientele very exclusive . One day , in 1990 , he found himself in front of the windows of the shop of one of the oldest perfume houses in England , Crown Perfumery , founded in 1872. The company took its name from the fact that, as a supplier of Queen Victoria obtained from the latter the exclusive honor to be able to boast of his Royal Crown , symbol of the highest quality and excellence in English .

Clive Christian discovered that such a glorious company was on the wane , and after having studied the history and creations , felt that such a reality , the repository of knowledge and creative excellence unique and so authentically British , could not disappear and decided then buy it and ensure its continuity .

So with the Clive Christian Perfume House wisdom and mastery of the Crown Perfumery were reported at their maximum splendor with the creation of pure scents that are not part of the Crown collection , but they are all new , traditional and of great refinement, made with complex formulas and the finest natural ingredients available , from all corners of the former British Empire, for a return to the Great uncompromising Perfumery worthy of the name .

Victoria Christian , the eldest daughter of the designer , he developed a deep love for perfume at a very early age . When his father created the Clive Christian Perfume House abandoned without a moment's hesitation his promising career in the theater and joined the company in order to be closer to the world of perfumes which he was greatly passionate . After an apprenticeship on perfume in London, Paris and Grasse , Victoria launched the Collection of Clive Christian Perfumes in London by Fortnum & Mason in 1999.
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