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The present sales terms indicate the terms and conditions that will apply at the time of your purchase of goods through our site. If you are not able to understand or have any questions regarding these Terms of Sale, please contact us using the useful contacts listed below in the "Contact Us". You must confirm that you have read and agreed to these Terms of Sale before sending an order.
Before you submit your order by clicking on the "Continue button" on the Review and place order, save or print a copy of these Terms of Sale, to be kept for any case relating to the order that you're sending. Keep in mind that the terms are subject to change, so re-read and save or print a copy of these terms every time you send an order.
The terms in bold type we used in these Sale Terms are defined below under "Definitions".
If you want to order goods, you can use the order process on our website to place an order.
Each order sent an offer to buy goods from us. Orders are subject to our acceptance and we may, at our discretion, refuse to accept your order, including where:
Orders can not be processed due to an error in the information you provided, such as where giving: a number of incorrect payment card number, expiry date or the number of the card security code; Incorrect billing address (for example where the billing address indicated does not match the information held by the bank or the company that issued your payment card); insufficient or incorrect shipping address (eg, address, city, country or postal code); or fraudulent information;
it was an error on our website on the goods you ordered, for example an error relating to the price or description of the goods as shown on our site; or
the goods that you have ordered is no longer available at our website.
We will send you an e-mail address you provided us, unless you suspect that your order has been placed for fraudulent purposes, in the event that we are unable to accept your order, comunicandoti why . In case you have made an order over the phone, but you have not provided an email address, we will contact you at the telephone number you have given us for groped to solve the problem that does not allow us to accept your order.
In case you have placed an order through our site, after we received it, we'll send you an email with the confirmation, usually within minutes. If you do not receive an email, call us before you re-order the same goods. Note that e-mail including the confirmation receipt of your order does not constitute acceptance of your order.
Your order will be accepted only after I sent all or part of the goods you ordered. In case you have placed an order through our website, upon shipment of all goods, or the first part, if in advance, we'll send you an email to confirm that your order has been accepted. Our contract comes into effect when we send you e-mail confirmation of shipment or, if you placed your order over the phone, when we send the whole or the first part of the goods as specified in the order. The contract can be concluded in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian or Spanish.
We will take the necessary measures to ensure that prices and other information relating to the goods on our site is accurate. In case of an error on the goods for which you have placed an order, we may reject your order according to clause 1 (b) as indicated above. If we reject your order due to an error, we will notify you by e-mail or, if you placed an order over the phone, the phone number that you have shown us and ask you if you re-order the goods in question once we have taken action to correct the error. In the event that we have notified you that it has accepted your order, you do not pay more than the price shown on our website when the order of the commodity and if we sent you the goods which do not match the description of the goods in question you ordered on our site, you will have the right to return it as made. See the terms of our store policy for returns / exchange.
For any questions, comments or concerns regarding our order acceptance policy, or if you believe that your order has been refused without any reason, please contact us via e-mail at info@lordluxurystore.com.
The inclusion of any goods in our website does not imply, justifies or warrants that the goods will be available for a purchase order.
We reserve the right at any time to make changes to information about the goods displayed on our site, for example about prices, description or the availability of the goods, also without warning of such changes. However, we will not make any changes to the price, availability or description of any goods after accepting your order to send you.
You can make changes or cancel your order at any time before we process your order. To make changes to your order, please contact us. In the event that your order has already been processed, you can request a refund or exchange goods or get a voucher of equal value of your cart: See the terms of our returns policy and exchange goods.
You can track your order in your private area.
At the moment you can not purchase or redeem gift vouchers on lordluxurystore.com website.
International shipping is available by ordering the goods from our site.
Remember that we can not:
1) ship perfume and products for body care in countries for which the shipping companies do not provide this service;
The above case will result in the cancellation of the order and to its full repayment.
The shipping and handling charges depend on the value of your order, the country where the goods will be shipped and the type of shipment requested.
The goods we send to you will become your property at the time of delivery. The moment you deliver the goods, you will be also responsible in any case of loss or damage.
We reserve the right to vary the price of our goods at any time. We do not modify the price of any goods specified in an order after it has been accepted.
You can pay for your order using a Visa or MasterCard, an ATM card with the Visa or MasterCard logo. The moment we receive your order, we initiated a charge to the card used for payment, corresponding to the total amount of your order, we put "in pickup waiting." When the "hold" your card is authorized by your bank or company issuing the card, we will perform the actual charge your card immediately before the goods or the first part of it is sent. Note: The "hold" on your card or the actual collection of a fee from your card does not constitute acceptance of your order. Our agreement is effective only when: (i) send you an email confirmation for the shipment of your merchandise or the first part of it, as directed by your order, or (ii) in the event that you have made an order by phone, when we send you your goods, or the first part of it, as directed by your order.
The costs for your order will appear on your statement of your credit or debit card as "Lord LTD". If you want to dispute the validity or the amount of expenditure that appears on your statement credit or debit card, please contact us by e-mail at info@lordluxurystore.com.
In case you withdraw or cancel an order by virtue of the aforementioned Clause 3, any "hold" authorized on your payment card will be deleted within three to five (3-5) days from date of cancellation.
You can ask for a Return, exchange, or refund:
- If the goods are not as described;
- If the goods are totally dissimilar from the present on the site;
- If the goods are defective;
- If the goods are not delivered;
Not following any of these conditions Srl Lord will evaluate case by case.
If the above conditions are not fulfilled Srl Lord will grant reimbursements only in the form of discount coupons (vouchers) of the value equal to the entire amount of the order.
You can request permission to Return / Exchange products / refund within 48 hours from the actual receipt of the same, duly proved, by sending a request by email to info@lordluxurystore.com
You can not ask for absolutely any type of compensation if it will remove the "Patch Security".
You can not ask for absolutely any type of compensation if the product will be changed, ruined, damaged; ie, you can not ask for any compensation if the product will not be returned in original condition.
Lord Srl reserves the right not to grant any compensation if, after coming into office, the product is damaged, altered, defaced.
8.1 Refunds / Changes of damaged goods
In case you need to return defective goods or otherwise damaged upon delivery, or does not correspond to the description on our site, you can do so as follows:
- Send an email to info@lordluxurystore.com ask authorization to return
- Send the goods to Lord LTD Via Federico Di Palma 25 / A 74123 Taranto (Ta) Italy
- Uses the original packaging;
Note: Your refund will not be processed if you return the goods purchased online by visiting one of our stores. All purchases bought in a store Lord LTD They can only be returned in a Lord LTD Shop in Italy. When you return the goods, remember to include the reasons why it considers such defective goods, damaged or not corresponding to the description on our website.
Once the goods are received and verificatone status, we will proceed if provided:
- Redemption (using the same customer's payment method)
- To exchange goods (with customer-specific product solution)
- The attribution of a "discount coupon" equal value of the order;
If, after examining the goods you returned, we reasonably believe that it can not be considered defective, you have no right to reimbursement and the goods will be returned.

Nothing in these Sale Terms shall exclude or limit our liability to you in the case of fraud or death to an individual harm caused by our negligence or for any other liability which can not be excluded or limited.
We are not responsible to you for the contract in case of:
any loss of profit, income, business, revenue or customers;
any loss, damage or corruption of data; or any loss or damage which was not reasonably foreseeable because of a violation of our terms of contract or our breach of legal support obligations. The loss or damage is "reasonably foreseeable" if, at the time of acceptance of the terms of the contract, this loss was contemplated by the parties and have notified us that the loss could occur in case of breach of contract or our legal support obligations .
Nothing in these Sale Terms will affect your statutory rights.
By placing an order through our site, you provide your personal information. We use your personal information to process your order and deliver the goods ordered and for other limited purposes. Our collection and use of personal information will be conducted under the terms of our policies for privacy, a copy of which is located here.
The contract between the parties is governed by Italian law.
In the event that either party does not assert or face delay any of our rights under the contract, this will not prevent us to do so later.
No third party has any right to enforce any term of the contract.
If you have questions about these Terms of Sale, please contact us via e-mail at or by telephone info@lordluxurystore.com to the addresses under "About Us" of http://www.lordluxurystore.com site.
In these Terms of Sale:
ie the contract between the parties for the sale and purchase of goods, including your order, our e-mail confirmation of the order and these Sale Terms;
ie the products that we sell on our site from time to time, including clothing, accessories and perfumes;
or an order of the goods;
"Terms of sale"
or these terms and conditions of sale;
ie our http://www.lordluxurystore.com website;
namely a shop of "Lord" brand located in Italy;
"We", "our" or "us"
LORD srl
"You", "your" or "you"
ie the customer.