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Seven essences refined and timeless able to evoke exotic atmosphere and fascinating : the fragrance company Neapolitan Bruno Acampora are made with the best raw materials and made ​​by hand with great care . They are sold in the best boutiques around the world and boast among its fans some of the most prominent celebrities of the international jet-set .

Bruno Acampora produces a line of fragrances of great refinement addressed to lovers of the sea and intense emotions. The seven essences that make up the prestigious collection Bruno Acampora Perfumes, allow the wearer to make a true sensory journey through the fascinating and exotic atmospheres that recall . Bruno Acampora The essences are a unique , exclusive and timeless . They are sold as well, not diluted with alcohol as the other fragrances on the market , are present in the most exclusive boutiques around the world and maintain over time the level of excellence achieved through continuous research of rare and precious raw materials that are the basis of their uniqueness.

The materials used for packaging are simple and functional : a bottle of aluminum - after the art of the ancient master perfumers - the essence to protect from light , a cork , to make her breathe , and a seal in red wax , which testifies that each bottle is bottled by hand.

The seven species of Bruno Acampora Perfumes do not know the wear and tear of time passing , nor the seasonal dynamics of fashion : they remain true to themselves and do not feel the need to change to stay on top of
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