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Sebastian Fischenich and Tobias Mueksch , holders of the German design BelEpok , working for years in the creation and development of strategic brands, new product design , image communication , advertising and marketing in the fashion , fragrances and niche luxury products .
Their professional experiences, to support projects in the field of fragrances, have allowed him to understand how effective it can be the communicative power of niche fragrances and at the same time to understand how little had been used to give voice to certain emotions , which , as daily , strong, intense , vital and spontaneous , they had not so far attracted the attention of the creators of fragrances.
For this it was necessary the help of a very experienced perfumer , with a capacity of not being influenced by the compositional schemes canons and draw without fear of new compositional techniques to create perfumes able to capture the vital soul , the inherent energy and disarming spontaneity of unexplored emotions .
Each emotion is characterized by several different sensations that occur virtually simultaneously.
The non- conventional "architecture of the fragrance " star-shaped , and not the usual olfactory pyramid , allows them to reflect this phenomenon. In fact, the fragrances do not develop in the sequence head - heart - but the bottom of equipotent levels that give way to spread harmoniously and consistently over time making clear the various facets of composition in a " one" . This gives the niche fragrances Humiecki & Graef can already now be perceived as " different " , almost as if you were sitting right in front of a perfume "global " in which they feel at the same time the many souls.
I am therefore born Niche fragrances Geste , Multiple Rouge, Askew , Clemency , and Skarb Bosque. Each of these fragrances expresses a different emotion , a state of mind only , to live ...
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